Porsche 964 WTL america roadster





KM stand:

70 000 Miles





€ 99.000 €

Zeer Zeldzame PORSCHE 964 WTL AMERICA ROADSTER slechts 251 stuks geproduceerd de echte kenner behoeft geen uitleg.

Eerste eigenaresse met aantoonbaar 70 000 miles uiteraard alle boekjes en carga’s vanaf de eerste dag aanwezig

GSM 0476927440 of +31621858406

Before the Speedster, there was the America Roadster The ‘America’ Series Porsches go back to the importing godfather, Max Hoffman who helped Ferry Porsche realize the opportunity in the US market. Paving the way for the Speedster, the America Roadster was a true limited run example with 25 examples produced and all but one being sold in the US. Celebrating The America Roadster Fast forward 40 years to the widely popular and undeniably usable 964 Porsche 911, the perfect template to celebrate the America Roadster name. In similar fashion to the original, the production run was very limited – just 250 vehicles making the 964 America Roadster extremely rare. The America Roadster features the standard naturally aspirated 964 Carrera 3.6-liter flat-six engine that produces 247 horsepower and 228 pound feet of torque. The convertible features the Turbo model widebody, devoid of a whale tail. To fill out the widened track and bubbled fender arches, the America Roadster received the 964 Turbo model disc brakes, suspension, and special 17-inch Porsche Cup five-spoke wheels.

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