Our service is always going that extra mile for your classic or vintage car so you can get as many years as possible of enjoyment out of it.



A classic or vintage car also needs a customized and suited maintenance on it, we can provide this down to the smallest detail so that not even the smallest thing is overlooked.


For a complete restoration, you have come to the right place . Whether it is to bring a car back to it’s former original glory  or customize it to your own taste, everything is possible. But also for partial restorations of your classic you can count on us.


All repairs can be done by us, both small and major repairs of all types such as repairs to the motor, drivetrain, suspension, brakes and electronics.

Buying and selling

I you are looking for a suitable vintage, classic and exclusive car we can help you. We always have a selection of ready to drive cars in stock , but if you are looking for something special, we can also assist you with this quest.

Purchase inspectionsAre you looking for a classic, vintage or another special car and finally found the car of yo
ur dreams ? Naturally you don’t want to run into hidden defects that can lead to costing you enormous sums of money and tons of despair. Here we can guide you and accompany you to approve the car. The technical condition, interior, exterior and old repaired damages, everything is thoroughly reviewed and discussed with you so you end up being able to make an well informed decision. 

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